Travel information

How to reach Piaski

By conference bus

Bus transportation will be organized to convey the participants from Warsaw to Piaski on September 1st and back on September 7th. The bus ride to/from Piaski takes about 4 hours.

On Sunday September 1st the buses will leave at 13:30 from the Cyclotron Laboratory of the University of Warsaw (Pasteura Street 5a). On Saturday September 7th the buses will leave at 7:30 and at 9:00 and go first to the airport in order to allow participants to reach the airport in time for the afternoon flights. The buses back from Piaski to Warsaw will go first to Warsaw Chopin airport, then to the Department of Physics and the Cyclotron Laboratory at the University and finally to the Central Railway Station in Warsaw.

To reach the HIL at the University of Warsaw Ochota Campus  from the airport, the most convenient way is by taxi. On Sunday morning it is about 10 minutes ride and the cost is approximately 30 PLN (~10 USD, less than 10 Euros). At the arrivals hall in the airport there are usually several people offering taxi services. We do not recommend it since it is more of a limousine service than a taxi, hence much more expensive.  You will see that outside the doors at the arrival terminal, that several standard (licensed) taxis are usually waiting (companies like ELE Taxi service, iTaxi and MPT taxi). Some taxis accept credit card payments (they usually have the relevant stickers to highlight it). There are often persons from the taxi companies outside the doors to direct you, who should speak English.

The alternative is to take bus 175 or 188 just outside the arrivals terminal and get off at the stop BANACHA SZPITAL. Tickets for the bus can be bought at the automatic ticketing machines at the bus stop (some buses have them on board as well). The cost is 4.40 PLN. 

If you arrive by train, we suggest to arrive at WARSZAWA ZACHODNIA (Warsaw West Railway Station) as a valuable alternative to Warszawa Centralna (Central Railway Station) – there are trains connecting the two stations if your train does not stop at Zachodnia station. It is located within easy (20-30 min walking) distance from  the buses meeting-point at the HIL within the University of Warsaw Ochota campus. Several buses are also available for reaching HIL: 523 (directoion PKP Olszynka Grochowska, 2 stops), 187 (3 stops, direction Stegny), 182 (direction Witolin, 3 stops). The start bus stop is in front of the station, on the other side of the large alley (Aleje Jerozolimskie), to be reached by an underpass. The end bus stop is WAWELSKA. The ticket (20 min ticket) costs 3,40 PLN, and can be purchased at the automatic machines. Taxis are available as well just outside the station.

Public transport is also available from the central railway station: buses 175, 128 (bus stop BANACHA SZPITAL) and tram 7, 9, 25 (stop OCH TEATR).

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By Car from Warsaw

We suggest route S8 to Ostrów Mazowiecka, then 677 to Lomza, 63 to Pisz and 58 to Ruciane Nida.

GPS coordinates: N – 53.685813, E – 21.581018

Hotels in Warsaw

In case you need to overnight in Warsaw before and/or after the conference, you can choose one of the hotels from the list below or use common online reservation tools. Participants need to reserve the hotels on their own.

Some hotels in the vicinity of the Physics Department and the airport/central railway station: